Finders Collection V…


Bra Travel Bag by Smoocholito….


(Click pic to enter product info page)

Let your precious bra tavel in style and arrive in form!!

The Bra Bag is durable enough to withstand your travel adventures, and the hard case will protect your delicates in travel…..

Get yours today!

(8 July 2010)


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6 responses to “Finders Collection V…

  1. SL

    Hi, I am interested to buy. can you detail down the material of this bra organizer? Nylon? and the detailed measurement (size) pls. Thanks.

  2. Grace

    Hey, is there only one design available? (: & any chances that you will bring in the bag for underwear?

    • Hi Grace,

      Yes there is only one design at this moment.

      No we have no intentions to bring in the underwear travel bag at the moment but we’ll keep your suggestion in mind.

  3. weiching

    Hi babe,
    are these presently instock?

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