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One day, as SOMEONE was standing outside her doorway, the quest to find THE KEY begun….

Ten minutes later, that SOMEONE decided to unload her bag, STILL in the search for THE KEY…….

Fifteen minutes later, the SOMEONE suddenly realised she’s got THE KEY in her pocket all along………….

We dump basically everything into our bags: handphones, wallet, key pouch, foundation, tissue papers, pen, papers blah blah blah…Whenever we want to find something in our bags, it takes us a few minutes. It gets annoying when our handphone rings and it feels like we’re digging from an endless black hole. And when we finally dig out that annoying handphone, it stops ringing…..

Does it sound familiar to you?

We want, NO, we NEED to find a solution, to say NO to messy bag!!! Not only do we want to rescue ourselves, we want to help all the ladies out there who face the same problem as us. You will definitely find our products is something that you’ll wanna kissing lips   us for..

Don’t forget, we are ladies too!


Our FIRST interview featured on BlogshopCity on 5 June 2010:

What is the name of your Blogshop or online shopping store?
ANS : Smoocholito.

When did you decide to open this blogshop ?
ANS : It happened late last year in 2009.

Tell us why you decide to open this blogshop or online shopping store?
ANS : I was standing at my doorway frantically searching for my keys to open my door. That sparked the interest for me to bring affordable innovations into the lives of people. And since blogshop is in trend, Smoocholito was born.

Can you tell us a bit more on what your blogshop offer? (eg. dresses, tops etc.)
ANS : We started off with selling only bag organizers. Not satisfied, we started looking into bringing other innovative and useful items and the ‘Finders Collection’ section was born. We are now up to Finders Collection 3!

Tell us in few words that best describe the type of fashion that you offer (or about your Blogshop offerings)?
ANS : We offer fun, creative and useful little innovations. Things we hope our customers would wanna kiss us for.

Who are mostly your online buyers or shoppers?
ANS : We get mostly females.

Any last word for your online buyers /fans for your blogshop out there?
ANS : Stay tuned for more smoocholicious finders collections coming up. Do sign up to be on our mailing list to enjoy pre-launch offers!