Frequently Asked Questions

(Smoocholicious I)

How do i know which smoocholicious I suits me or my bag?

The first thing to think about is how big your bag is.

Do you need a lot of organization, or just a small wraparound to take care of some loose stuff?

We all know that bags vary in size considerably. Some of the bags are very large, while some, like a clutch, are barely big enough to avoid being called a wallet! So, getting the right sized smoocholicious is a very important thing.

Another thing to think about is the size of the smoocholicious.

Look at the sizes of the organizers carefully. If needed, use a ruler and take measurements.

I like a particular smoocholicious but its sold out!!

Fill up the order form and place it under backorder as the order type, make the full payment and we’ll have your name on our piority list should a new batch comes in.

Waiting time will be subjected to stock avaliablity and amount of backorders.

Should the product discontinue, amount paid will be refunded.

Do you have an office number that i can call?

We do not provide telephone support but you can make enquiries by emails and we will usually get back to you within 24hours.

Do you do meetups/self-collects?

No we don’t. We operate purely online on very low costs so our customers can enjoy better prices. Once in a while, we do fleas and customers may drop by to do instant purchases. Sign up on our mailing list to be informed where we go!

When is your next flea event?

We don’t know!! Depending on stock and booth avaliability, we will only organize fleas at our own discretion. We aim to have a flea on a monthly basis. To be informed of our latest whereabouts and happenings, join our mailing list.

What is a Smoocholita?

A smoocholita is our businss partners. Visit their website to support them too! Get special privilages when you shop with our featured smoocholitas! Email us at to ask how you can enjoy special smoocholita privilages! 

Can i have some discounts please?

Not unless you have a discount code to enter in your order from. For purchase over 20pcs per item, enter your order as ‘retailer’ in your order form and we’ll give you a good price.

(Smoocholicious II)

How do i know if the items are really AUTHENTIC?

If u are worried about getting imitation, it is alway advised to buy from the boutiques. Alternatively, you can get free help from The Purse Forum to have the items authenticated. Receipt are a safer guarantee but does not reflect 100% authenticity. It is highly recommended that the buyer meets up the seller to transact locally. Cash on delivery with shared agreement for no obligation viewing helps. If you are not sure, just walk away.

Some other tips include:

  • Only buy and sell locally. It is strongly advised against buying from overseas sellers.
  • Do not pre-pay (deposits/full payment) to have your bags sent by mail. What you see might not be what you get.
  • It is strongly advised to meetup your seller and get their contact number.
  • Do not believe when people tell you they have sold many bags before. Sales pitch like “Money back guaranteed” or “Go to boutique to check” are not recommended to believe.
  • Do not believe by what you read or hear, always check throughly at the boutique if you are unsure.
  • Always ensure paper trace when you transact. (Eg. Keep receipts of ATM transfers or get seller to issue you receipts)
  • If the item you see is too good to be true, it probably is. Do not be lured by cheap prices because seller tells you they need to let it go urgently.
  • Lastly, we also advise that you trust no one.

Why should i list on Smoocholito II?

  • Your listing is visible on our site which has an average of over hundred unique viewership everyday.
  • Your listing is blasted out to mailing list which can result in over hundreds of view. 
  • We practice active advertising on online blogs and forums so traffic is directed to our site to view your listing.
  • We give our flyers at every of our flea events to create awareness to increase traffic to our site to view your listings.

How do i make purchase?

You just need to contact the seller directly at the contacts listed. Please remenber to read our terms & conditions before purchase.


19 responses to “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Jessie

    1)What is the size of each bag pocket? Are all 5 pockets the same size or is some different from the rest of the compartment.

    2)I understand that your items are inclusive of local delivery.If i order a few things from your website do i have consolidate item price or do i still pay the same for each individual item stated in your website? eg. 2 T-bits + 1 Bag Pockets?

    • Hi Jessie,

      Thank you for your interest in our products. We are pleased to clarify your doubts as follows:

      1)What is the size of each bag pocket? Are all 5 pockets the same size or is some different from the rest of the compartment.

      The measurements for each size are:
      Small: 12.7cm (H) X 50.8cm (L) – 5 Pockets
      Medium: 12.7cm (H) X 66cm (L) – 6 Pockets
      Large: 15.2cm (H) X 91.4cm (L) – 8 Pockets

      The size for each compartment is the same.

      2) I understand that your items are inclusive of local delivery.If i order a few things from your website do i have consolidate item price or do i still pay the same for each individual item stated in your website? eg. 2 T-bits + 1 Bag Pockets?

      The postage charge varies according to the size and weight of the parcel ( total item(s)) set by SingPost. The charges for Local Normal Mail is as below:

      1kg and below: SGD$1.50
      1kg – 2kg : SGD$2.55

      You may check out the delivery/shipping page in our website for more details.

      As the weight of T-bits is very light, the postage fees will be absorbed. However, if your order includes either bag organizer/pocket/insert, there will be different charges accordingly.

  2. Joanna


    What is the size of each pocket? width and height?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Joanna,

      Each compartment is about 10cm and the last small compartment slot is about 3-4cm.
      Height would range from 12-15cm depending on which size you want to choose from.

      Hope that answer your question:)

  3. Sofia

    I own a Chanel 2.55 maxi (13” x 9” x 4”) so I’m thinking of getting the large insert. Would this be alright?

  4. Nikita

    Hi, I own a LV Trevi PM size, So, I should be getitng the small size organizer? Please advice.

  5. Niki


    May I know which size I should get for my LV Trevi PM & Gucci tote?

  6. ck5354


    I have a bag Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Berkeley N52000.

    What is the organizer that fit?

    Do you send to malaysia and how much?


  7. Jayne Ong

    i want to understand what is the difference between a bag insert and bag organizer, other than the size?

    • An insert is the most basic type of bag organizer. It comes with various sizes pockets and the sturdy sidings give shape to the bag and allow you to pull out the organizer from the bag easily using its heavy duty flexible handles.

      An organizer on the other can be considered an upgrade from the insert. It comes with a zipped pocket as well as some velcro secured filp pocket. A clear zip coin pouch also serves as an additional to the organizer. The organizer is also more durable as it consist of a thicker canvas. The organizer is washable and the colours will not bleed or fade.

  8. Lynn Lee

    Do you do customised handbag organisers?

  9. Xing


    Would like to check with you on the availability of the bag insert medium size – colour Black & Red?

    Does this fits in well for Longchamp Le Pliage?

    Thank you so much for the assistance.

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