“I’ve been using the new bag organizer for a couple of days now. First off: Love it!” – Eve Tan


“You guys are terrific! What a perfect “first aid kit” to my bag! Frankly speaking, I have a lot of bags but I used to only used the same one all the time because I felt it was a chores to change bags every time because I have to dig out my things one by one and threw all into another bag. After using the insert, I can change bag according to my attires and my mood within a few seconds every morning! “ – Koh Wai Yee


“My needs are best addressed with features  of the organizer which save my efforts to play hide and seek with the stuff in my bag :)”Mabel Lee 


 “Thanks for such a great creation! The organizer fits beautifully with my LV Speedy. It helps to organize everything in order, and most importantly, it protects my bag from stain and dirts! I just love this organizer so much!”Ng KaiLing


“I love the bag organizer so much, very niceeee n useful =)
Thank u soooo much again… definitely will recommend u to my friends and family… =)”
– Veronica


Shop of the week (17th – 23rd Feb 2010) on i Heart Shopping: 


(3rd May 2010 post on http://stephylittlecorner.blogspot.com/)


“my mini-lin speedy seems like it got a base isnt it? and i can find my stuffs in it much easier and see how neatly its arranged…”                                                                                                                Extracted from blog of Stephanie Huang


(21st August post on http://www.sixpegs.com/2010/08/experience-of-a-lifetime/)


“I hate it whenever my bras go out of shape when I throw them into my bag.  So this bag is really a superb buy from Smoocholito!”                                                                                                        – Extracted from blog of Peggy Chang


(9th October on http://luxuryhaven.blogspot.com/2010/10/be-one-to-win-mysterious-prize.html)


“Gone are the days of ransacking through your bags for your stuff & no more mess from leaking pens etc. Bag Organizers carry & store all bag necessities, making it easy to switch bags without clearing your things. This sturdy organizer has pockets that will fit your daily essentials, keeping everything in place.”                                                                                                                                    – Extracted from blog of Shirley


(11th October post on http://chrispytinetoo.blogspot.com/2010/10/breast-job.html)


“imagine the delight when I found the bra bag at Smoocholito. It is a little bulky to pack into the luggage, but that means you can store many bras in there. I suppose my dad now can’t use my bras for the four corners of the luggage! He’ll have to try socks!”                                                                                                                 – Extracted from blog of Christine


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