Bag Insert

Versatile, compartmentalised ‘inner’ for bags of varying sizes. Bag inserts make scrambling for your personal effects a thing of the past!

A handy polyfine bag insert that makes changing bags a cinch. Changing bags is hassle-free and done in one easy step. No more forgotten items at the bottom of your bag! The Bag insert’s multiple pockets are great for keeping your handbag tidy and holding your essentials in one place.


Each pocket is carefully designed to provide superior functionality. The pockets are strategically positioned inside the bag to keep all essentials in sight and easily accessible. The sturdy sidings give shape to the bag and allow you to pull out the organizer from the bag easily using its heavy duty flexible handles.

How to use…….


Make use of the single long compartments to fit a checkbook and a long wallet, another long compartment at the back for papers & envelopes,  3 open pockets for iPOD, PDA, sunglasses, small notebooks etc., and 4 pen holders!!

Pack everything into the organizer, place it into your bag and off you go!

Sizes & Prices…….


– 8.5 in.(L) x 3 in.(W) x 6 in.(H) 

or 21.6cm (L) x 7.6cm (W) x 15.2cm (H)


– 10 in.(L) x 4 in.(W) x 7 in.(H)

or 25.4cm (L) x 10.2cm (W) x 17.8cm (H)

Avaliable colours & sizes……….





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