Bag Pockets

Our flexible and removable set of pockets gives your bag that colorful lining that creates space to handle almost everything you need. Our pockets, stands on its own and CONFORMS to the shape of your bag, making small items easy to find, giving your bag that bigger space for the larger wallets, notebooks or planners.

There’s one for just about any size purse, handbag, tote, beach bag, basket, satchel, valise, sac, sto-away, drawer, desk organizer.  A removable, flexible panel of pockets designed to organise your bags and baskets. Wraparound works even in divided bags and totes.  Works better than the dividers…..  

How to use…….


When the pocket is inserted and loaded, the centre space of bag is clear for your wallet and larger items, like a make-up case, or large date book.   

Sizes & Prices…….


*Small – SGD$ 12.90:

– 5 in.(H) x 20 in.(L) (5 pockets)

or 12.7cm (H) x 50.8cm (L)

*Medium – SGD$ 14.90:

– 5 in.(H) x 26 in.(L) (6 pockets)

or 12.7cm (H) x 66cm (L)

*Large – SGD$ 16.90:

– 6 in.(H) x 36 in.(L) (8 pockets)

or 15.2cm (H) x 91.4cm

Avaliable colours & sizes…….

BlackPoc  PinkPoc  RedPoc


*Small – SGD$ 12.90:

– Red     – Pink SOLD OUT!     -Black SOLD OUT!

– Navy Blue SOLD OUT!     – Light Blue SOLD OUT!

*Medium – SGD$ 14.90:

– Black SOLD OUT!      – Red SOLD OUT!    

– Pink SOLD OUT!     -Light Blue SOLD OUT!    

*Large – SGD$ 16.90:

– Red SOLD OUT!    – Pink SOLD OUT!    

– Black SOLD OUT!




**All Medium size** **SGD$14.90**

**Only 1 piece per design**

12. Sesame Street Special     13. Baby Safari Special SOLD O?UT!

14. Sheep Friends Special



How to order…..

Fill up an order form here!!

or SMS hp 94356943 for quick sale!!

(No Backorders)